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金沙国际华人娱乐平台:Raised red rain: a year-on-year dividend doubled

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内容摘要: In 2018, the public fund raised a “red envelope rain”. According to the statistics, as of March 6, a total of 321 funds have implemented di...

In 2018, the public fund raised a “red envelope rain”. According to the statistics, as of March 6, a total of 321 funds have implemented dividend plans since the beginning of this year, involving 347 times of bonus payment, an increase of 64% over the same period of last year. The total dividend payment reached as high as 20.014 billion yuan, an increase of 1.92 times as compared with the figure of 10.424 billion yuan in the same period of last year. Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noted that the wave of this year fund dividends boom showing the amount of bonus focused on the characteristics of a small number of blue-chip rights and interests of the products.

to hybrid funds partial shares , for example, 60 partial shares based gold accumulated dividends 9.767 billion yuan, while the top 10, Bo Theme Industry mix (LOF), South Selective mixed Invesco Great Wall Selected blue chip mix, ICBC core value mixed A share, Harvest CSI 300 LOF, Dacheng Jingyang Leading Mixed, China-EU New Trend Mixed (LOF) A share, Lion in the small cap mixed selection, Cathay Pacific Bullion Innovation Mixed, the total outstanding dividends of blue mixed growth in the South has reached 5.566 billion yuan, the amount of dividends accounted for 57% of the overall.

Beijing Commercial Daily reporter noticed that most of the rights funds distributed with big red envelopes were top performing products with outstanding performance last year, of which 8 funds had a yield of over 20% in 2017. For instance, the most profitable Boshi Thematic Industry Fund Year dividend scale of 18.53 billion yuan, last year's yield as high as 31.96%, higher than the same period last year Stock funds average yield over 17 percentage points. Also won the super billion billion yuan of the South selection of hybrid funds, last year gains 29.05% yield.

Surplus fund researcher Yang Xiaoqing to the Beijing Daily News reporter explained that the majority of dividend funds focused on the stock equity-based equity funds, which have a great relationship with the A-share market. On the one hand, the valuations of many sectors (liquor, home appliances, etc.) have reached their highest levels since the big blue-chip fund dominated by Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 since February 2016 has risen sharply. There is no chance for any more certainty in the short-term market. Fund managers will dividend investors to pocket security.

On the other hand, many funds, due to their outstanding performance and huge growth in scale, have over a billion of quality products like themed industries of Boshi and Oriental Asset Management. This poses a great challenge to the fund manager by giving back the money Investors can effectively control the size of the fund, which is the most important reason for the large-scale dividend distribution of quality funds.

In fact, the public offering fund dividends have a certain industry threshold, in line with the provisions in order to dividends, the first is the fund income to make up for the loss of the previous year before allocation; Second, the fund proceeds distribution, the unit net value of not less than the par value; In addition, investment The current net loss of funds, can not be allocated; at the same time, the fund dividends also need to comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Big Thai stone research center senior researcher Wang Hua said that the prerequisite for the dividend is red, so this year the warming of the equity market environment is one of the important reasons for fund dividends. In the investor psychology, fund investors generally have the fear of high psychology. When the stock market continues to rise, the fund's dividend can ease investors' fear and depression and reduce the pressure on redemption when the stock fund greatly increases. Similarly, the market will experience the risk of adjustment after various markets have risen sharply. When the types of investment with safety margins decrease, the reduction of stock positions through dividends is also a way to circumvent the market risk.

fund company marketing level, the fund by a large proportion of dividends to substantially reduce the unit net worth, to meet the investors like to buy "cheap" low net worth fund psychological; the same time the fund to investors in the distribution of funds temporarily exempt from income tax. Whether for individual investors or institutional investors, access to fund dividends can legally enjoy the tax benefits.

However, fund dividends do not mean the increase in returns on fund assets, Yang Xiaoqing warned that the nature of the dividend is to return part of the fund assets to investors, the issue of the cake between the fund shares and cash. As long as the cake (total assets) is determined, the total amount of cake will not change in any way.

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Fund Code fund referred the past year operating income fee
260110 Invesco Great Wall Selected Blue Chip mixed 36.74% 1.50 % 0.15% Buy Open an Account Buy
160505 Boshi Themed Industry Mix (LOF) 7_894 56_84_65473_928.46% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
202005 South Selective mixed 22.89% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
481001 ICBC's core values ??mixed A21.02% 1.50% 0.15% Buy Account Opening Purchase
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